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AFTON, the community that meets you, greets you, and treats you on the square, is located at the intersection of Highways 169 and 34 in the center of Union County and is the Gateway to Three Mile Lake.  For more information please call 641-347-5224. LEARN MORE

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ARISPE, 6 miles south of Afton on Highway 169, is the birthplace of H.R. Gross, once known as the "watchdog of the House of Representatives" .  A nice roadside park is provided for picnicking. 

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CRESTON, located along Highway 34, was founded in 1868 as a railroad town. Today, Creston is the county seat for Union County, and serves as the regional hub of business, education, medicine, industry and recreation for SW Iowa.  For more information please call 641-782-7021. LEARN MORE

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CROMWELL, 5 miles west of Creston, was also founded in 1868. Originally designated as the division point for the railroad, but because of a shortage of water, this did not materialize. Today Cromwell is mostly a residential community.

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LORIMOR, 7 miles north of Highway 34 on 169, is located in the northeast corner of Union County. Lorimor is close to several tourist attractions. For more information please call
641-763-2297. LEARN MORE

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SHANNON CITY, is located 2 miles west of Highway 169 on the Ringgold and Union County line. Shannon City was originally in Ringgold County until a fire forced the relocation to the north in Union County. Today, Shannon City is largely residential. 

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THAYER, is located on the eastern edge of Union County along Highway 34. Thayer is largely residential.

Please come enjoy and experience Union County.
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